Xray Technician Average Income In Tennessee Tullahoma

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How Rewarding Can An Xray Technician Job Be?

An x-ray technician job in Tullahoma Tennessee is very certainly the tip of an iceberg, as far as careers in radiology are concerned. Technicians who've just about exited their schools start as medical assistants, assisting physicians and licensed radiologists, attending to basic x-ray needs and maintaining medical records of patients. Salaries in radiology are not necessarily about acquiring the necessary qualifications, but are also about being ARRT-certified and licensed to take up professional practice in a given state. Qualified professionals are offered better compensations. In reality, it is the hands-on experience that acts as a differentiating factor when it comes to staying ahead of the competition and monetary compensations. According to salary statistics from BLS, the xray technician average income at the national level is about $56,760 per year.

Factors that Determine the Salary of an X-ray Technician

There are quite a few factors that decide the salary of an x-ray technician. Most important of them being the geographic location and the type of facility the technician is employed in.


Xray Technician Training In TennesseeGeographic location has a great influence on the salaries for the job. While there is a real dearth of skilled x-ray technicians or radiologists in some parts of the country, there is an overload of healthcare staff and technicians in select states, directly impacting the x-ray technician's income. Statistics from reputed sources reveal that states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and Nevada tend to offer higher salaries for x-ray technicians, with hourly rates around $30.83, $28.74, $28.40, $27.88, respectively. Although skilled and licensed technicians can still get paid well, even among tough competition, they will need to continuously improve their services in order to sustain their jobs.


X-ray technician salaries also tend to vary depending on the workplace. Given the fact that these technicians can practice at a physician's clinics, outpatient facilities, government healthcare facilities, hospitals as well as imaging clinics, salaries are bound to vary. Physician's offices and out-patient facilities tend to offer the lowest compensation, followed by government hospitals and healthcare units. Private hospitals usually do pay better; the workload or working hours could get more demanding. X-ray technicians and radiologists working with private imaging clinics and diagnostic labs seem to get the best of salaries.

There are, however, other employment opportunities in research, education, consulting and insurance that offer a better average income to well-established x-ray technicians.

Other factors that determine the x-ray technician's salary include the years of experience, and the level of education and certification.

Radiology Schools In Tennessee

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Irrespective of the location and the employer, experience tends to payoff better. An x-ray technician with about a decade's experience in the field is expected to earn up to 50 % more than a newbie in the field, easily earning over $60,000 a year.

Let's take a look at approximate annual earnings based on experience.

X-ray technicians with less than a year's experience can earn anywhere between $21,000 and $43,000 annually, while those with about one to five years of work experience make $23,500 and $55,500. Professionals with an experience of over five years are usually offered $32,000 and $65,000; technicians who've worked for over 10 years in the field can earn up to $78,000 per year.

These figures are definitely bound to be influenced by professional qualifications, certifications and licenses, multi-disciplinary specialists landing highly competitive salaries and perks.

How to Improve Earnings?

The natural career progression path is a surefire way to improve earnings. With experience and additional specializations, x-ray technicians can make their careers financially more rewarding. ARRT certifications and licensing is mandatory to move to the next rung of the ladder. As continuing education is mandatory for renewing licenses, technicians should make use of their experience on the job and recommendations from trusted sources to hone their knowledge and skills in a preferred specialization.

While the average annual income of medical assistants and phlebotomists are reported to be about $29,000, those of radiologists and diagnostic sonographers are $54,500 and $65,500, respectively.

Getting certified in Tullahoma TN in multiple specializations such as MRI, CT scans, tomography, nuclear medicine, angiography, sonography, etc. will qualify technicians to diagnose as well as treat a range of pathological problems. Choosing the right course is the key, and it should be done after considering personal preferences and the demand for a particular skill, both at the workplace and the geographical location.

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Xray Technician Average Income In Tennessee Tullahoma
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